Friday, April 30, 2010

Bliss and burn

Bad week for CL-- seizures, falls, uncontrolled pain, horrific autonomic dysreflexia reaction.  Not good.  It means a slight delay in posting her journal-- but, it gives me a chance to show you my mad working girl skills...
LOL. Just kidding. Like the new ramp for her wheels? Bob the Builder (an amazing neighbor) built it for her earlier this week...
 Pretty cool, huh? Happy Friday, everyone!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

And now, for something a little different...

Hello Gorgeous Ones!  This will be my last post, for a little while.  I am handing over the blog to crazy lady, to give her the opportunity to post her journal from the spinal cord injury rehabilitation unit at Kaiser Vallejo.   You know writers-- they may be restricted by paralysis, swelling, pain and angst-- but, they always find a way to note thoughts, feelings and impressions.  Crazy lady has many scraps of paper (some of them from food trays and old prescriptions!) she used to write about her experiences in rehab.  We discussed, and I agreed-- it would be cool to share those experiences with my beautiful  "fans."  You have been wonderfully supportive during this difficult time in our lives, and I figure, "why not let my crazy lady share her struggles and milestones?"  Some of the stories are pretty graphic, and some of the experiences (especially moments with the medical team during seizures, AD, pain episodes, and autoimmune flare-ups) are harsh.  There are incredible moments of joy, however-- and, the powerful human spirit often makes-up for the challenges caused by surly nurses, arrogant doctors, and rehab's reluctance to encourage human connections.  (Crazy lady was even told by one nursing supervisor to "mind her own business" and "stay out of people's lives" when her roommate was having a difficult morning and needed help--but, hey, more about that incredible incident later!)
 Before I hand over the blog, I wanted to say a few things...

...THANK YOU to Lisa the Cat Lady, Cece the Crazy Bitch, and Popeye the Wonder Dog, for keeping folks posted on events following the surgery.
...THANK YOU to the Federal Government for awarding crazy lady her disability.  Yes, miracles do happen!
...THANK YOU to the Kaiser Vallejo rehab facility for pushing, torturing and challenging crazy lady, on her road to recovery.  She will forever mumble "suck the gut and tuck the butt" when she needs to "center her spirit" and "focus on the moment."
...THANK YOU to Judy, Tyler and their wild pack, for taking care of me and giving crazy lady piece-of-mind during her hospitalization.
...and, THANK YOU to the wonderful readers of my blog, who have sent well-wishes, Glee music, MST3K DVDS, Black Adder puns,  and beautifully knitted caps.  You are AMAZING.

Sugar Sweet
(and, of course, my crazy lady)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Say goodbye to my little friend

I'm baaaaa-aaaack!  Within 24 hours, I spent precious time cuddling:
And, burying this critter (plus some siblings) in the back yard:
Why?  Because I can.  Crazy lady is "fit to be tied" since she is unable to stop my return to wicked habits.  Ah yes...I think I miss the resurgence of my prey drive more than crazy lady!  Of course, once she gets her new wheels (the off road version of a slammin' wheelchair), I'm toast.  I know it-- she knows it-- we all know it.  Do I care?  Nah.  I'm just happy to be home with she-who-must-be-obeyed and fresh munchies.
(this booty shot is for you, Wild Dingo!)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Crazy Lady!

It's Crazy Lady's birthday today. It's also the day she finally arrived home from rehab, which I thought was a fitting birthday present. When I called to congratulate her, she wanted me to let you all know she's doing fine. Tired, but fine. Apparently, adjusting to new seizure medication and learning how to walk with a walker is exhausting. Kind of like training for a marathon - you know it's making you stronger, but it would be a whooole lot easier to get through every day's workout if it wasn't so difficult and tiring. I know a little about how that feels, since I spent all last winter training for a half-marathon, then most of the last three months training for a bicycle time-trial series that started this week. Crazy Lady and I were able to compare notes on what it feels like to be end-of-your-rope exhausted. It was quite a cheerful conversation.

Let's see, a couple of other things...Crazy Lady wants you to know that she will be posting the diary that she kept while in rehab on Sugar's blog soon. And, even better news, Sugar gets to come home to be with Crazy Lady this coming Sunday. Lucky dog.