Saturday, February 27, 2010

Movie Night

Crazy lady knows that she is many, many years behind on her movie trivia, due to an incredibly hectic life.  She also hates movie theaters, especially after an unpleasant incident with a 2 year old, the mother, and an excessively violent MA-17 film.  Since we have a bit more time on our hands, we are catching-up on various films-- including this one.
She now has full understanding of the phrase, "cone of shame":

Friday, February 26, 2010

Thought for today

Apparently, coffee makes bears poop.  Who knew? The makers of Charmin have taught us many new things about the world of toilet paper...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dear PlayPup Editors Extraordinairre,

For your consideration, I submit the following beauticious (and booty-licious) photos for the next issue of your exemplary publication. You've already seen my shameless hussy shots, which leave very little to the imagination:
But, do you remember the infamous booty shot?
 It's exquisite.  Crazy lady thinks I have "issues," but I still say she is jealous of my apple bottom delight:
Plus, my sultry gaze is guaranteed to lure the luscious Loki away from his current alpha:

Finally,  don't forget my playful, come-hither behavior:
Shameless?  Absolutely.  Slutty?  Proud of it. My name might be Sugar Sweet, but I guarantee wicked  spice for your wondrous publication:
Sugar (who chooses to ignore crazy lady's smirk)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

WTF Fashion

Absolutely unrelated to dogs, life and common sense:
Under what circumstances would someone wear these pants? It took crazy lady at least 5 minutes to notice the fake arm.  Humans. More here.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Evil One on Acid

(Crazy lady thought "one little pop" was actually "one little puff."  No comment.)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Woo hoo! This makes it official...

In the wee morning hours, I woke-up crazy lady's household with incessant pacing, growling, and this strange, high-pitched yap. (Crazy lady calls it my "danger Will Robinson" bark) I was pushing against her legs and pointing at the front window.  I have a history of warning others, so crazy lady took my behavior very seriously. When she looked outside, she thought she saw someone dressed in black, wearing a black hood and hiding in the bushes.  This odd human had tripped the security lights, and he (or she) was trying to avoid the glare.  Crazy lady had a hard time identifying this person in the dark-- was it human?  a shadow? (yeah, too many horror stories are wrapped in her fuzzy brain)-- but as soon as they started to move up the street,  I gave another high-pitched "yap" and crazy lady called the police.

We have had a lot of homes recently burglarized in our neighborhood, and the police did an immediate "area check."  Although the police didn't find this lurking human, they were very impressed with my "alert" skills.  You see, a lot of dogs will loudly bark, which is good and scary.  I do this during the day, especially when Evil Ones (aka cats) venture onto the property.  However, when it's dark or someone is dressed in all black (especially if they are wearing hoods or hats), I do a "high pitched yap" and find a human for help.  Crazy lady suspects I've had some training-- but, I'm not saying a word.  I prefer to keep my allure mystique.

After all, it's just another day-in-the-life of a working dog!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cure for the SAD

Winter blues?  Check this out:
After the jump, click on the black screen-- or hold your mouse down-- or just drag the icon everywhere on the screen-- you'll see what I mean, when you make the jump!
(A perfect pose for the next issue of Play Pup. Yes, I am a shameless hussy.)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is it wrong? Seriously.

Is it wrong to wish the-powers-that-be made these snuggle suits for canines?

The closest for me is my pink sweater:
Gorgeous, n'est-ce pas?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Unneccesary Ruffness

Too. Damn. Cute.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feeling a bit emotional?

Interesting article here (from Cesar Millan’s newsletter this morning).I really like the idea of using canine "laughter" to calm shelter dogs. From the article:
"Researcher Patricia Simonet from Sierra Nevada College discovered that certain breathy, excited exhalations could be the canine version of laughter. Her team brought a parabolic microphone to a park and, from a distance, recorded the sounds that dogs made while playing. They discovered a special exhalation that was different from normal panting. Later, the team played the sound for other dogs who started to play after hearing the "laugh." They also discovered that it helped to calm shelter dogs who were under stress."Crazy lady is searching for a recording of this sound, to maybe help calm my stressful moments. She sometimes worries that I "feed" off of her anxiety. During her shrink appointment last week, I would not settle in the room-- I kept pacing, whining and putting my head on her lap. She was crying, and I was upset. As soon as she calmed down, I relaxed in the room. The human shrink thought it was great (what? I know. Shrinks.) He said I was crazy lady's medicine. I think crazy lady wanted to be my medicine. (like the booty shot?)
I keep reminding her that we can help each other. I told her, "Don't worry chick-a-dee. As long as you play and cuddle with me, all is great with our world!"

P.S. Crazy lady found it! You can listen to the sound of "laughter" here, and read the original article here (or, just go to for more information).

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Congratulations Loki!

Sigh...what a studly cracker...he won Mango Minster Reader's Choice AND Judges Pick for Second Place. See results here.
Congratulations, hunka-luv!

Vote for Studmuffin Loki!

Yum. Loki. Part Formosan, part German, 100% babe magnet. Why do some women always chase the wicked ones? You can read about his nomination here-- and, you can VOTE for this crazy dude HERE!We met the Wild Dingos through cyberspace, when I was first adopted and crazy lady was randomly reaching out to complete strangers (shameless human) who had Taiwanese dogs. As soon as I learned about his antics and saw his hunk-a-luv photo, I fell in lust. I mean, just look at this face:Okay, um, maybe this one instead:Plus, he's a vocal rebel. Wild Dingo has done an amazing job with his training. He was wily in his early years (and, he will probably continue to be amazingly clever), and Wild Dingo has spent countless hours teaching him many useful things, including to search and rescue people and treats. Check out his cool agility moves:Yum. He has his meltdowns, like his fear of escalators. Wild Dingo never gives up, though, and we know Loki will soon overcome his trepidation. If nothing else, Juno will mock him into submission!Go Loki! We know you are the best cracker dog in the UNIVERSE (and beyond)! Here's the link to vote, one more time: Mango Minster Cracker Dog

Go Grannies!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Congratulations Sugar!

Crazy lady here- I'm breaking protocol and writing this post. I wanted to say a special "congratulations!" to Sugar Sweet for winning Reader's Choice for Best Working (Bitch) Dog. Woo hoo! Thank you Mango Minster Readers! I do not know how I could have survived the past six months without Sugar's flawless transition from a shy rescue dog to a strong and powerful service dog. Seriously. I am the world's worse dog trainer. I tend to take a "whatever" attitude and Abby (may she rest in peace) walked all over me and my household.Sugar arrived in January 2008 as a shy and timid dog. Here's the adoption video of her first day in the United States:

(You can read more about her early life here.)

Within a year, Sugar grew and gained confidence. I quickly discovered that it only took 1 or 2 tries before she learned a new command. Sugar was always scary-smart, and I suspect she had prior training before she was dumped in the Taiwan streets. When the latest changes happened in my life, Sugar quickly learned the special skills needed to support my illness. I was shocked that she could recognize my seizures-- and, even more surprised that she could be trained to find help, if I fell or had a seizure (thanks, Wild Dingo!). She overcame her shyness to visit doctor's appointments with me, and to help carry my medications. Later, she quickly learned how to act as a "walking cane," in case I lost balance and needed support. I mean, she's 35 lbs, and I am a fat girl. How friggin amazing is that? I am also amazed that she has the strength and perseverance to pick up new skills and just "roll with it," when some fresh challenge hits my world. Every day I say a "thank you" to the cosmic universe that Sugar and I found each other.Finally, I want to take a moment to give a "shout out" to Dixie and her Mom. Dixie's mom has been struggling with her own illness, and Dixie has met the challenge of becoming a service and medic alert dog the past year. It's a wonderful story (read it here). Dixie and her Mom have found each other, and they continue to support one another through the ups-and-downs of life. Although Dixie did not win the Mango Minster Working Dog award this year, I believe she deserves some special recognition for the amazing work she does, in support of her Mom. Kudos Dixie! Sugar and I believe you are a winning team!Next? Cracker time! Loki is a candidate, and Sugar has a mad crush on his studly muffins. Stay tuned for more Loki tales tomorrow-- but, if you want a head start, feel free to cast your vote for this insane dude here.Thanks!
Crazy lady
p.s. Sugar will return tomorrow. She's busy hunting Bambi, right now...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Time to vote for ME!

Finally! The polls have opened for Hard Working Dog, and my nomination is ready for votes! You can vote for me here. (The address is, in case the link doesn't work for you.)

The hard working folks at Mango Minster divided the group into "boys" and "girls." Here was the original nomination by crazy lady:

"I had a sudden, unexpected change in my life about 5 months ago, which included slowly becoming paralyzed from the neck down. Sugar transitioned from a shy rescue dog to a fantastic service dog. She learned how to find help, carry my medications, go with me to medical appointments, and provide aid opening and closing doors. As a side benefit, she is also helping my father, who suffers from Parkinson's disease. I call her my unexpected "blessing and miracle"

You can read more about crazy lady's illness here and here and here. You can also read about how I help Grandpa here. Let's just say that I still have my moments of shyness, but I am comfortable on BART, Muni (including the 38 Geary bus, aka "crazy ride"), elevators, escalators (hah! take that, Loki!), busy streets, airports, medical laboratories, radiation rooms (even MRIs), pharmacies and even medical treatment rooms. I work as her "purse" when I carry her paperwork, medications and anything else she needs:I also work as her "cane," by making sure she doesn't fall and providing her with balance support. This is especially useful in elevators:And, I find help whenever she has a seizure or falls down. I am the definition of a strong, adaptable, smart, loving Working Girl. (I'm modest, too...;-)) Please take a moment to vote for me, and to pass the word to anyone else who might be interested. Not convinced? I dare you to watch this video and NOT feel warm-and-fuzzy:
Voting ends tomorrow, Feb 5, at 5 pm EST.
THANK YOU for your help! As always, my "fans" rock!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Best Sporty Babe in the Universe!

Congratulations, Juno, on your win as Mango Minster's "Good Sport Reader's Choice!"Read more about Juno and her delicious brother Loki at
I'll keep you posted, once my stunning self appears for vote in the upcoming Working Dog category. Meanwhile, here's a sneak peak of my recent trip as crazy lady's "cane and purse" during her appointments this week:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vote for Juno!

Juno Belle is a true sporty bitch and honorable candidate for Sporty Gal in the Mango Minster battle. Please take a moment to cast your vote for Juno here. Voting ends early tomorrow evening (5 pm ET on Feb 3rd), so your prompt response would be greatly appreciated! You can read more about Juno's adventures and nomination on Wild Dingo's blog ( Here is what her official entry form says about this femme fatale:Photo Entry: The Juno Mind Trick High-Rise
Name: Juno Belle Jodhpurs
Gender: Duh, Femme Fatale
Group: Sporty Dogs
Breed: Siberians aren’t “dog breeds” but if you must categorize, then Siberian Husky
Bloggy Address:
Peemail: juno “at”

She has amazing mind tricks, and can exert much power in her household:Just ask her whipping boys, Loki and Mr. Wild Dingo:Go Juno! Again, vote here!

Gone with the Window

Grab a lychee martini (or 2 or 3....), your favorite pillow, and a wicked man (or 2 or 3...) for 43 minutes of snuggle time with Ru Paul's Drag Race:

Can't watch it on the page, for whatever reason? Direct link to first episode here. Go Juju! We miss you, girl!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Smile, bay-bay, smile!

Read here for more information, including interesting (disturbing?) comments about dog meat, abuse and culture. Crazy lady is "on the fence," but I am suspicious of any dog chained and "smiling."