Thursday, June 23, 2011

The perfect ambassador for dawg-kind

CL has had a rough couple of weeks.  She came home from an early morning doctor's appointment and promptly fell asleep in front of her computer.  Check out the face that greeted her, when she woke-up:
I keep telling her, "Us dogs?  We have magic healing powers-- even Duncan has learned that you need a special cuddle during hard times!"
Like many folks (myself included), CL finds it hard to believe that Duncan has not been snatched by a loving and welcoming Forever Family.  Just look at this face...
I know a special family is out there, waiting to adopt this fabulous ambassador for dawg-kind.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mohawk, baby

(just ignore the bee-hind in the background, of these days, CL, one of these days you will turn your back and...)

Monday, June 13, 2011


The winner is...
At least he lives to fight another day...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

double trouble

Why me?

She-Ra, Princess of Power
Loo-Kee the trusted Conceal
And-- wait!  What's this?
Yeah, another one.  He's not a foster, but one of the poodles from CL's next door neighbor.  We have him for 10 days.  Sigh.  Does no one respect the alpha bitch in this household? Slap some wings on this little yapper and we have Kowl crashing in my home:
CL is smitten, though.  His name is Bodi, and he is quiet, playful, cuddly and has a hot bromance going on with Duncan, the traitorous manwhore.  At least Bodi has some mad "kill skills..."

Gotta respect the hunter in this dude.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Best dog evahhhh (except for me, of course)

CL never lets a dog off leash-- even supervised-- until we respond to the "come" command.  She'll test and test (and test) the dog. We must listen to her,  regardless of the situation.  Can we see her?  No?  Tough-- get your bee-hind back to her wheelchair pronto.  Squirrel?  Bird? Some odd little beasty is luring us away?  Double-tough.  We must immediately come, as soon as we hear her voice.  This is especially important since CL lives life in her wheelchair, and running after an escapee is not a good option.
Before Duncan, it would take weeks until CL felt comfortable enough to let a foster dog off leash.  In some situations, they never leave the tie down or leash.  For the first time since I entered her life, CL has found a dog that has learned to "come" within 48 hours.  Seriously.  We are even starting to use hand signals- something CL doesn't introduce until week 3 or 4.  Check it out...

This video was taken 2 days after Duncan arrived in our home. Pretty amazing, huh?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Hey! I can sit and play!"

(You might be able to "sit" and play with me, but CL still says that I am "the best!"  Take THAT, little dude!)

Monday, June 6, 2011


CL is amazed-- this is the first Yorkie she has ever met that does NOT suffer from "small dog syndrome."
No incessant whining, yapping, snapping and possessiveness.  Duncan prefers the company of dogs over the company of humans.  In less than 24 hours, he is accustomed to the crate, has learned to pee and poop outdoors (his current belly band is "just in case...") -- and, he "sits" on command!  Seriously.  It took CL 5 minutes to teach Duncan how to sit.  This dude is almost as intelligent as moi
Of course, I still show him who's the boss...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Doggy Swap

 Juju has left our home to stay with Judy at Walkin' the Bark Rescue.  So long, fabulous playmate...

Why did he leave?  Well, it had nothing to do with his behavior.  He is an awesome dog. Under the tutelage of CL, Nick, Miss J and myself, Juju learned to "sit," "come," pee outside (always a good thing, huh?), play with doggies of all shapes and sizes, and kindly welcome strangers into our home.  It was time for Judy to find him a forever home, however, and for us to welcome a new little pup who needed a place to stay.  Meet Duncan...
Keep checking my blog for upcoming adventures with "Mo Mo Mohawk" Duncan. Our household is looking forward to teaching him "mad skills" and finding him the perfect forever home.  Personally,  I can't wait to show him my amazing snake hunting-and-burial techniques.  (4 kills in 7 days!  CL is not pleased...heh.)