Monday, June 30, 2008

What the...?

OMG. What is crazy lady thinking? I need BOOTIES? We return to the Bay Area in September. We come back to Cambridge on December 1st, and she is worried about the snow. It will be my first time in the delicious white blanket, and she thinks I'll be cold. Too cold. So, she wants to buy my delicate feet these booties.

Help! Do you think I need special protection for my feet? Or, am I tough enough to frolic in the snow, without protection? Sometimes, I think crazy lady worries too much.

Please leave your comments, and let me know what you suggest. Thank you, kind folk! I am depending on your support, so we can knock some sense into crazy lady's dense brain. Geez.

I was a BAD dog...

Greetings! It's cloudy, muggy and stormy in Cambridge today. Yech. I've been waking up at 5 am, and we had a groggy early morning walk:
I now "stop" and "stay" at the curbs. I am an awesome and beautiful bitch.

Crazy lady can't find a camera, so it has been a while since we posted an update. She feels bad, but I told her, "Toughen up, chick-a-dee. Be Darth Vadar, not a wimp..."
I've been on my very best behavior since last week. Crazy lady is usually very kind and gentle, even when she feels like her nephew trapped in a cage:
You see, crazy lady likes to clean my bed every day. She says it helps "clear her head" before she starts to work. I say it's an indication of neurosis, and she needs treatment. Regardless, she was trying to clean my bed last week, and I refused to move. I was tired and grouchy. When she reached over to wipe the windowsill, I growled and tried to bite her. She was MAD. She said a naughty word-- stared at the ceiling-- pointed to the floor-- and demanded that I "get off." I looked away, but jumped off the windowsill. She then made me "sit," "stay," "watch," "come," and "lay down." We practiced obedience commands for 30 minutes. I could tell she was very, very angry-- but I obeyed every command. When she finally said "okay" (the release command), I ran to the bedroom with my tail tucked between my legs.

Later, I skulked to her office and watched her work. She was trying to decide between 2 drawings for another one of her books, a horror anthology based on children's folklore:

Ralph Kuh is the artist. He's from South Africa and wonderful; but he's not feeling very well, these days. Crazy lady is worried about Ralph, and hopes he will be safe and happy soon.

When crazy lady looked at me, I walked over and laid my head against her chest. She melted, even though I could tell she was still angry. Since the incident, we've been practicing obedience commands a lot more, and she makes me get off the windowsill at least 5 times a day. This is crazy lady's home. She protects and cares for me. No more biting. I never want to see crazy lady angry, again.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Books, books and more books

Now, let's be honest. Why do I care about books? What's so special about genetic mutation, ornery protagonists, and mean people? I want to forget mean people. I live with an ornery protagonist. I'm still wondering about crazy lady and her genetic mutations. I don't need books. But crazy lady? She was up all night working on this:
Freaky, right? It's the cover art for one of her books. She loves it. It's being published in October by her new company, Klosm Publishing. The artwork was created by some dude named Julien, who lives in Paris. Personally, I prefer this:
Crazy lady needs to get off her butt and take me for a walk. NOW.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Yawn...Monday Morning...

Good morning! Crazy lady is grumpy, but I'm ready and waiting for my walk. Hurry up! Here's our building. I love riding on the elevator. Crazy lady teaches me to "wait" until the door opens.
See the train? It's carrying commuters to downtown Boston. Crazy lady used to be one of those oppressed and bitter commuters. She is happier, now.
My favorite part of the park. So many ducks, geese and birds to eat and chase in the bushes!

We're back. Crazy lady is mumbling something about "Capitalist pigs" and "rise of the Proletariat." I like Billy the Concierge. He opens the door for us, and remembers our names.Lovely. Time for a good scratch before my morning nap. I wish crazy lady would stop talking about worker's revolution and social consciousness. She needs more sleep.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day!

Leave me alone. I am exhausted. Four kids, four adults and one crazy lady made my life insane all day today. Do you see me resting in my kennel? No. I am on the window sill, waiting for Granny to feed me scraps from the left over chicken, fish and lamb. What wild hooligans! They came over to celebrate Father's Day, and took possession of my crate.

They might not be dogs-- but they are "live animals."

Yeah! Their brother Max closed the door! Maybe I can get some rest. Is it time for a walk, yet?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Good Morning

Another beautiful day in Cambridge. Crazy lady is holding the leash and putting on her shoes. Must be time for our morning walk!

Crazy lady says that she will take more pictures of our walk in the park tomorrow. For now, I just ignore her babble and stand in my favorite spot. So many cars, so many adventures! The morning sun feels wonderful on my back. Isn't my booty lovely?
What? What did you say to me? Time to eat?

No, must be time for my morning nap!

Friday, June 13, 2008

My First Week

This morning we traveled along the river walk. The crazy lady was too slow-- hurry, crazy lady, hurry!

This is what Boston looks like in the daylight. Pretty.

We brought along Grandpa so he could show us the place he went to school. MIT. This is where he used to live on campus.

We are playing in front of the Dome. Darn it! Crazy lady won't let me off the leash. The grass is so lovely and inviting, with delicious grey squirrels...

My First Day

WOW. I made it to Cambridge! Here are some shots of my very favorite Italian leather couch and window seat. I love the Boston skyline, especially boats and cars.

Wait. What is that crazy lady doing? Why is she singing about photos and cuteness? I am not cute. I am a tough bitch. Go away, crazy lady! Let me watch the skyline in peace.

I practice the art of Buddhist self-reliance, and chose to ignore you.