Saturday, October 31, 2009

Green Slime

Happy Halloween! More episodes (just as frightening) can be found on the Becky and Jody Good Eats blog.

Bad Meat (Becky and Jody Good Eats) from klosm publishing on Vimeo.

Before food channels were popular, PWT Inc (now Klosm Publishing) created and produced the Becky and Jody Good Eats series in the early 1990's. They wanted to make a cooking show about "food with questionable nutritional value" and to "explore the world of whips, jello, Elvis, and unknown food substances." They recruited friends to host and crew the shows from 1993-1995. This episode, Bad Meat, originally aired in the San Francisco Bay Area on January 16, 1994.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Indecent Content

In celebration of the fact that I am officially a "dog blog inappropriate for children or people with values..."Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Revenge is a dish best served... the wicked Formosan Mountain Dog! Look what landed in my inbox the other day:Can you spot crazy lady in her high school production of Anything Goes? (Hint-- she thinks she had a "great rack" in high school because she keeps staring at her chest and crying "what happened to you?") Crazy lady has developed a fondness for Glee, the sapid (although I claim it's insipid) high school musical drama created by the genius Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy. She won't stop singing along with the television on Wednesday evenings. I don't care if she can carry a tune, it's TORTURE to listen to her squeal with glee (pun intended). Last night?
Sweet Caroline! Eeeeeek! At least I was able to extract some revenge with the high school photo. Next time, maybe I will plague her in the same way I tormented silly Phoebe:
Beware, crazy lady, beware...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My new spy locale

Do you see me?Do you see me, now?Not only do I have the perfect view of the back yard, but I can spy on crazy lady, as she works on the other side of the grape arbor. Clever, huh?

Sunday, October 18, 2009


From My SA Pets this morning:

A daddy dog with a deformed leg led his family of nine to safety this week along the shoulder of a busy highway during rush-hour traffic, officials said.

His destination: Animal Care Services.“Animals come in every single day,” whether they're picked up or dropped off, said Lisa Norwood, ACS spokeswoman. “In this particular case, they brought themselves in.”

An ACS employee and a volunteer caught sight of the pack of Chihuahua mixes Wednesday around 5 p.m., Norwood said.

From the shoulder of a bustling Texas 151, the patriarch of the family led an older female dog and seven puppies down a grassy slope and to the gate of ACS, located along the frontage road of the highway.

Read the complete story here.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Remember when?

Remember when crazy lady created a cooking show in the early 1990's? Well, guess what arrived in the mail? 26 episodes, all converted to digital! She did a modified version of the "happy dance" (fingers & toes only), then spent some time cleaning, converting and uploading. Here's an unofficial, test upload, for your viewing pleasure:

The Miracle Whip Episode (Becky and Jody Good Eats) from klosm publishing on Vimeo.

She started a Becky and Jody Good Eats blog to post new videos, weekly. Enjoy! (or, at the very least, try not to become physically ill from the food and video commentary...)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An undignified response

Ah, drama. What can I say? I live with a drama queen, and she has been going through a bit of personal hell, right now. I feel her angst and have been providing the necessary comfort. It's pretty amazing how sensitive we are to our human's feelings. They're depressed? We snuggle. They're in pain? We snuggle. They're joyful? We play, followed by snuggle. I know some folks have been asking, "what's up with crazy lady?" To make a very long story short and sweet (because I AM NOT A DRAMA QUEEN), crazy lady is not having surgery. She's decided to give treatment a chance, for 6 months. The docs made it clear that the surgery would NOT fix the damage to her spinal cord. The surgery has a 33% chance of "stabilizing" her spinal cord for a little while; and a 67% chance of failure. Failure includes paralysis from the neck down and a feeding tube-- so, NO. Not now. She's giving treatment and alternate therapies a chance. She's also trying to make peace with the fact that the current damage is permanent, and she will be wearing a neck brace and carrying a cane for a long, long time.Crazy lady has decided that this blog is about ME, and not her illness, treatment and angst. Instead, she plans to create (yet another) blog about her journey. The docs have asked her to keep a video diary, so they can monitor her progress over time. She figured, "what the hell? I might as well write about it, too." She'll post a link to her new blog, once it is up & running. Be forewarned, though-- crazy lady holds nothing back. You will be blessed with the gory details, if you decide to read about the new crapola in her life. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, please try to avoid the "keep a positive mind" sentiment, if you leave a comment. It really pisses her off, these days. She's having a hard time finding something positive about a 5 mm spinal cord "hanging by a thread" in her neck. If you're looking for a perky and positive response to her current crisis, I suggest you read a different blog. I mean, geez-- this woman writes horror for a living! She would appreciate sick and twisted humor, though...

Monday, October 12, 2009

From another dimension

Crazy lady has a sister who writes children's books-- and a very adult blog. This was posted 12 minutes ago, and she felt the need to share another dog's indignity:I suspect crazy lady's sick mind is a familial trait. What makes her sister's blog "adult?" She touches on sensitive and funny issues about everyday life. Check it out, if you have a moment:

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Crazy lady used to write Wonder Woman comics, a long time ago-- and then, she saw this "Deluxe Wonder Woman Dog Costume ":
It's just WRONG for her to consider costuming ME, on SO MANY LEVELS.


Ah yes, time to buy my Halloween costume. Crazy lady prefers a matching set because "pink is your color, and you can't go wrong with thigh high laced boots." Hmmm...slowly, I continue to plot my revenge for the toil and turmoil she gives me, daily...see here for a complete array of sexy matching outfits. p.s. the biker buddy jacket is on sale! Save me! Please!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bad Day? Bad Week?

It's time for Sugar Comfort! Unconditional love from someone special (me!) in your life.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Watchful Waiting

It's no secret that crazy lady is not well. She's stuck at home, and using a cane, neck brace and other contraptions to get around. The docs have allowed her to drive "defensively," which means "slow, with no accidents and freeways." Computer usage is strictly limited. Reading is difficult. She fell down while picking-up dog poop last week, so the-powers-that-be are restricting her time outside. Oh yeah, she is not a happy, cheerful person, right now. She was sarcastic and surly on good days, before her silly neck decided to cause trouble. Now, she growls more than Popeye! Me? I'm fine. Usually, I am not a normal pack creature who enjoys a lot of dogs and social activity. I prefer my isolation, one caregiver, and squirrels, cats, bunnies and Bambi to torment. And, of course, I love the sun:Give me a sun-shiny day, and I am a very happy dog (like the booty shot?):First, though, I need my morning stretches:Then, I peruse the territory (and pee on the neighbor's dog, who tries to stick his head under the fence):Finally, I bask in the Glory of the Sun:

What I am missing

Do you see this picture?Does the area look familiar? Like, oh, I don't know-- my favorite place for morning walks?Huh. Tom Cruise and his family could be cooing over my beautiful self, right now. Life is not fair.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Demon Eyes

Now, according to crazy lady, demons are not evil. They are wicked, with a unique sense of style. They are also very loyal to the ones who take care of them-- but not necessarily loyal to those who love them. She recently published a love story about a demon and shifter, and her writer's blog is abuzz with the "good" and "evil" debate this morning. Someone actually wrote:

"Words have power. Even your Sugar Tales have demonic presense (sic)."

Sigh...come one...besides the fact that you can not spell-- do you really think I am an Evil One? I am nothing like a cat. Look at me, as I watch crazy lady climb the stairs:Hah! I only have demon eyes:Deep down, I am an adorable sweatpea, with a little bit of demonic wickedness. Especially when I sleep:I'm not even going to pontificate (much) on the "words have power" argument, except to say this: yes, yes, yes, words have power. Duh. You, as humans, have the capacity to decide what you want to believe. It's called "critical thinking." Unlike schizophrenics and the occasional psychotic (hmmm, 90% of her fan base, I had better be careful...), I know the difference between fiction and "real life." Crazy lady really hates it when people tell her (always in a self-important, mindful, patronizing and arrogant manner) that "words have power." Humans. If you don't like the blog, stop reading. What more can I say? Now, back to sleep and my lovely, demonic dreams...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009


Beware, Evil Ones. Beware.