Monday, June 16, 2008

Yawn...Monday Morning...

Good morning! Crazy lady is grumpy, but I'm ready and waiting for my walk. Hurry up! Here's our building. I love riding on the elevator. Crazy lady teaches me to "wait" until the door opens.
See the train? It's carrying commuters to downtown Boston. Crazy lady used to be one of those oppressed and bitter commuters. She is happier, now.
My favorite part of the park. So many ducks, geese and birds to eat and chase in the bushes!

We're back. Crazy lady is mumbling something about "Capitalist pigs" and "rise of the Proletariat." I like Billy the Concierge. He opens the door for us, and remembers our names.Lovely. Time for a good scratch before my morning nap. I wish crazy lady would stop talking about worker's revolution and social consciousness. She needs more sleep.

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