Friday, August 13, 2010

No contest. Batman wins.

Unless you are living in a demon-dwelling cave surrounded by Satan's gargoyles, you know about the Wonder Woman costume changes, right?  Here she is, in her full frontal glory:
Now, you would expect a former writer for the comic to be appalled at Wonder Woman's new look.  They basically gave her a boob job with thighs that don't touch.  Actually, CL is okay with it-- well, to be honest, she doesn't really care, as long as the check is in the mail...  Then, she saw this specimen of male glory:
And, thanks to the stunning and talented Meljean Brook,  CL saw this expose of Superman's goodies:
Ha! Go here for some of Meljean's enlightened perspective on Superman's junk (or lack thereof).  Seriously?  No contest.  Batman always wins.

Zen Bat Ears for today:


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Those ears khan't believe what they heard above them in the post!


Wild Dingo said...

WTF is WRONG with YOU? ;) LOL. I'm wondering how the hell Wonder Woman fights crime with those boobs. I mean, she's either got a really good sport bra or she's gonna get some seriously black eyes!

i guess boobs would be helpful though in crime fighting. think of all the energy she can conserve distracting stupid men... she doesn't even need that lasso anymore, does she?

Mango said...

I do not approve of the new wonder woman. Where are her stars and stripes? As for superman. Apparently he has been tutored.


Kari in WeHo said...

Im not a fan of the new wonder woman...

Don't forget, we moved to