Sunday, November 7, 2010

Words to live by

"The tortured artist myth is rampant. People paint me as some kind of black witchcraft-practising devilhell, that I have to be twisted and dark to do what I am doing. It's a load of rubbish." 
                                                                                             -- PJ Harvey
 Uh, yeah.  CL and more deadlines.  We've moved beyond Pink Floyd for mood music. She has completely shot any remaining hand function and is 100% dependent on voice recognition software, these days.  Now, if only her voice would stop croaking after 2 hours of continual use. (Although her agent calls it "smexy times" when he listens to the chapters. Yes, a bit creepy, huh?)  Anyhow, her September podcast was so successful that she has been asked to do another one on "Hope, Light and Overcoming Darkness" for the Holiday Season.  Why PJ Harvey to "carry the mood" for the current project?  Only CL's twisted mind holds the answer...


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm khurrently Zen'ing right along with woo!


Wild Dingo said...

Mr. Wild Dingo's friend lost his wife last week in a tragic and mortifying accident. I'm convinced life is all about keeping ourselves distracted from thinking about the innevitable.I'm thinking twisted is not exactly as unhealthy as people think it is.

rock on CL.