Monday, March 28, 2011

Max the POO Dog!

This weekend, a new foster dog arrived on our doorstep. He started his travels in a Bakersfield shelter:
 The last leg of his journey found him with the fabulous Judy, foster mum extraordinnaire:
 You can learn more about his transport and arrival here. The current pit stop is my home:

As you can tell from the video, we've named him Max (aka Maxwell) and he is loving, smart, fast, wicked-fun and has an obsession with shoes.  We suspect that he is a Jack Russell Terrier and Poodle mix, otherwise known as a Jack-a-Poo. (Poo-dog.  Hehe. Almost too easy...)  CL already believes that he will be an outstanding agility dog.  Me?  I'm just looking forward to thwarting CL's exercise regime with early morning antics!

p.s.  Why Maxwell?  He reminds CL of her favorite war rat from her Delores/Hannah YA Fantasy trilogy:
(sigh...horror authors...I almost feel sorry for Max...)


L B said...

Max is adorable - and crafty, I see. I'm so relieved that no shoes were harmed in the making of your video.

I tip my hat to all involved for saving this little guy's life and setting him on the path to a bright and happy future.

Linda of Bo

Kari in WeHo said...

He sure is cute!


Wild Dingo said...

First, Juno wants to give the little poo-bugger 2 paws up. WOO know why! (the shoe!)

Second, Loki is goin' ga-ga for the blonde in this vid. He's all (cue Flo Rida music):

"She has an apple-bottom bootay,
A tail with fur, with the fur,
The whole room is lookin' at her,
She hit the flo, she hit the flo,
Next thing you know,
Sugar got low low low low, low low low low

Them big Formosan ears,
And the toofers that are whack,
She turned around and gave that big booty a smack, ayy!
She hit the flo, She hit the flo,
Next thing you know,
Sugar got low low low low, low low low low"

He's in woo-ve! He wants some git-down time with the little blonde lady!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a great MaxDown!


Sugar said...

Heh. Sugar is always ready for a Loki booty call. I just need to teach her how to work the pole...

bend over the front
touch your toes
wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
get low
get low, low, low, low, low