Monday, September 29, 2008

Taiwan Rescue Party!

Yesterday, we went to Isis & Otis' house for an impromptu party with Animal Rescue Taiwan. My foster momma Judy came over with Popeye and Taiwan rescue community organizers. I played with Otis, ate raw meat (yum!), tossed toys, and followed Isis outside to watch for the wicked cats in the trees. Isis & Otis' parents (Jen & Robert) were perfect hosts-- they provided food and a wonderful, dog friendly environment. Here are some pictures they took of the event:

You can learn more about Isis, Popeye, myself, and other dogs from Taiwan by visiting these web sites:

Animal Rescue Taiwan

Walkin' the Bark Dog Rescue
Isis' blog (and Isis' story)

Here's one last beauty shot of me with Isis:
P.S. Thanks, Jen, for the pictures! Crazy lady was a dufus with the camera last night...

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