Tuesday, September 23, 2008

United Airlines is EVIL

United Airlines lost me at San Francisco Airport. Crazy lady went ballistic, but I was okay. I'm glad crazy lady is my protector, though. She put the incompetent fools at United Airlines through hell- especially since they refused to look for me, for over an hour! They kept telling her, "it takes a while for a dog to be unloaded" and "we're too busy, right now." When they (finally!) found me at a strange loading dock, they then refused to help load me into the cart. Again, "too busy." Crazy lady has been on the phone all morning, reporting the incident to various agencies. She wrote an excellent letter. Heads will roll.

The most important thing? I'm okay:
And, I'm back in California:

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Avee said...

Oh my gosshh so sorry to hear about Sugar, that's so bad. If it happen for Luna Biscuit the heck with them I going to scream at them until I find my lovely dog. But I'm glad Sugar was safe and made it to you. They should load them out first before the luggage.

Well, I believe Sugar will do fine she already traveled internationally and been through a lot. She's such a sweet dog.