Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Treating colds

Tinderbell's mom Judy W sent crazy lady the following words-of-wisdom, to help with her cold. Judy W said, "I got the above insights after surviving an acute upper respiratory viral infection while living in Maryland last winter." I thought her advice was great (especially the positive visualization, hint, hint) and wanted to share...

1. STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE, even if they are healthy. Healthy people carry germs/bacteria. But they are healthy b/c their immune system is strong and can suppress the bacteria/virus. Whereas yours is weak and healthy people's germs/bacteria can jump on you and exert their detrimental effect b/c your immune system is already weak and cannot soldier/buffer the attack.

2. You must consume extra protein (meat, eggs). They help rebuilt the system that is being digested by the cold. I think I ate 6 eggs in one meal or the equivalent of 4 chicken thighs. MEAT/PROTEIN---I cannot stress the importance of these substances! Your appetite might be down, but that is when you need to consume meat/protein/quality food the most!!

3. Rest. When you sleep, your body can re-focus all its energy on fighting the cold.

4. I hope you have been swallowing vitamin C and vitamin B6 pills. They really help too. Make sure in to increase your dosage.

5. Have a friend walk Sugar. Though I am in the Carribeans right now, I understand (well, maybe not) how cold it can be in Boston. I visited Boston but lived in NYC/up state NY/Maryland during cold seasons. It seems like every time I go out in the cold, my cold worsens. But If you must walk Sugar yourself, cover all parts of your body except your eyes.

6. There will be a time when you seem to be getting better, but that is not an excuse to think you are healthy again. Your body is still very suspectible to another infection. (Speaking from personal experience)...continue exercising caution and the above advice.

7. Cold medication can help to some extend, but they do not really cure your cold. You need to boost your innate body's immune system--eating, resting, and yes, laughing. When one laughs (eg. talk on the phone) or think pleasant thoughts (eg. your adorable niece), one's body releases a hormone that helps with recovery--- cannot think of the precise name right now. Or just to think about the fun things you get to do when your cold is away--- shopping, socializing with friends, traveling, and dining out, etc.

8. Keep telling yourself that you will get well and you will see an improvement in your health.

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