Wednesday, November 18, 2009

At your service, miss!

Pretty cool, huh?Crazy lady promises to post pictures of my service dog and medic alert activities. Her spinal cord injury and treatments have meant that she can not carry anything greater than 7 ounces. No lifting, no pulling, no pushing, and very limited computer use. She's even suppose to restrict walking and driving! If you know crazy lady, you know how frustrating these restrictions make her daily life. She has made wonderful progress with her voice recognition software, and she has even picked-up a gig doing podcasts for NPR next year. Plus, she's interviewing personal assistants to help her meet her writing deadlines. What about me? I am her official helper! I'm probably better than any part time personal assistant she might hire. Hey, just wait until you see my backpack in action! I'm a studly queen. Trust me.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I have NOOOOOO doubts at all about your worthiness to serve!

Service with a SMILE, eh?


Wild Dingo said...

Damn it... Khyra always beats me to be first!

Sugar you like, actually got a job! Holy shit. Do you know how hard it is for immigrants in this country to get a job? And you don't even have to advertise your skills at Home Depot. How cool is that?

Ok, everyone can officially call me a bad liberal. bad humor. but i can't help myself.

wild dingo

LK said...

I absolutely believe that Sugar is a studly queen. Woe to those who challenge her! Congratulations on the certification. Hoping that CL's health improves soon.

Linda of Bo

fosterdogblog said...

That is so freaking awesome! We're so proud of you, Sugar!

And yay Crazy Lady, on the NPR gig!