Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nailed. It.

To quote TLO's review this morning:

“Y'know, it could be argued that giving "And I Am Telling You" to the sassy, chubby black girl is just a tiny bit on the cliche side, but a): they treated it like the expected thing it was, and b): she FUCKING NAILED IT with a version that would have made both Jennifers sit down for a minute.

And what do you do after the sassy, chubby black girl brings down the roof with the anthem for sassy, chubby black girls everwhere? Why, you hand the Jewish girl with the Broadway Baby styling "Don't Rain on My Parade,"(the anthem for Jewish girls with Broadway Baby styling everywhere) and turn her loose, resulting in yet another roof coming crashing down.”

Read the complete review here. And, for your hearing pleasure, here's the "anthem for Jewish Girls with Broadway Baby styling" bringing down the house, in last night's episode:

Lea Michele sings a version that would make the notoriously perfect Babs very, very proud.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Why khan't my mom sound like that when she sings...

Do woo have any idea the sounds I hear?


Wild Dingo said...

i'm turning my ears off for the rest of the day. i only want to hear those songs...

crap. those were amazing. i never watched Glee. i wish i did... we don't get regular stations here in the stix.

wild dingo