Thursday, December 3, 2009

Working Girl

As you know, I am a registered service and medic alert dog. One of my duties is to travel with Crazy Lady to her doctor's appointments and treatments, to help carry stuff (mostly drugs, drugs and more drugs!). Here I am, patiently waiting for her to load my backpack with goodies:She had a full day of appointments, starting with acupuncture this morning. The needles and heat lamps actually improve her feet, which is a good thing. The treatments don't do much for her arms and hands, but I keep telling her "Walking is good! Be positive!" Yeah, you can imagine her response-- she scowls a lot, when I'm perky. I just ignore her and calmly stand in the lobby, waiting for our names to be called:Aren't I gorgeous? They actually say, "Karen and Sugar" when it's appointment time! How cool is that? During treatment, I sit next to her bed:Do you notice how she was trying to take a picture, but the needles and hospital gown kept getting in the way?I told her to concentrate on the treatment, but she wanted to take a picture of my beautiful self.
I can't blame her for trying. Geez, though-- I wish she caught my prettier side. Humans. At least she let me take a break and hang out at Judy's house, to play with the Pack. Pretty big smile, huh?Definitely bigger than Reese's crazy grin!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo are one pawesome Working Girrrrrl!


Wild Dingo said...

WHEN can we come visit? Loki wants to meet a REAL working girl. not the kind he meets on the streets.... hahahahahah!

wild dingo
PeeEssWoo: when will you wear a pencil skirt, glasses, red lipstick and cary a leather briefcase?

The OP Pack said...

What a great thing you do, Sugar!!! That is so wonderful of you to help Mom. Glad you got rewarded with a trip to see your furiends.

Happy weekend, the OP Pack