Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pip the Squeak

(aka the Tasmanian Devil)
Crazy Lady and I are working with Judy (from Walkin' the Bark Rescue) to foster Pip, a devilish long-haired Chihuahua.  As soon as he understood that I was SheRa, Princess of Power, and CL was She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed?  No issues.  He's teeny tiny (less than 5 lbs), so taking care of him is not a huge challenge for CL.  He has learned his name and is super-duper smart.  It took 40 minutes to teach him "sit," "down" and "come."  He had a bit of "I am the MAN" attitude, but that lasted for less than a day.  He has settled into our home and routine, and life is good.  Of course, he loves to snuggle with CL, while she writes in the morning.

You can read more about Pip here.  Oh!  And Judy very kindly took a short video of our first meeting last night.  Here it is...(thanks, Judy!)



fosterdogblog said...

And he literally squeaks too!

Sounds like you're doing a great job with him already. 2 humans and 3 dogs thank you a great deal for taking over his care.

Wild Dingo said...

OMD! I saw this and almost fainted. I think this is a superb idea for both YOU and CL! I mean, you both need a break now and then from eachother right? Little Pip is just the MAN... be careful tho... i may find some very cheap airfare and come Pipnap him! LOL!

Good for you guys. i'm thrilled. He must be very fun to cuddle with while writing.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We were THRILLED to see the news earlier today!

He's khwite the khutie!

I know woo two wild girrrrls will teach him lots of good stuff...


Khyra and Her KL

Mango said...

Watch out for those wee beasties. They can really take over your estate if you aren't careful. That guy is spring loaded.