Sunday, December 26, 2010

Strength, balance and flexibility

Every morning, CL does 90 minutes of strength, balance and complex range of motion exercises, plus killer crunches for her abs. (Btw, ever try to do 100 crunches with no upper body strength and a titanium cage in your neck?  Intense...anyhow, I digress...)  Here are the first 30 minutes of stretching and Yoga, before she moves to the mat to begin her strength exercises:

Here's the continuation of the battle, while CL trains and tries to ignore the screams, squeaks and grunts from us (not her):

CL is continually amazed at my gentle behavior, while I play with Pip.  All that spastic energy would drive CL bonkers!  I guess we now know the secret to Pip's calm demeanor, huh?


Mango said...

You have some advanced yoga moves there yourself. Is Pip in fast motion or something? Like a comet! You sure are patient.

Sounds like CL has a very serious exercise regime. That must be hard, but I bet watching you makes the time go by faster.


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

The tails SO show how much fun woo two are having!

How khool woo got a puppy fur Festivus!


Wild Dingo said...

Um, OMD, Pip got a little frisky there at the last 2 seconds of that 2nd video. What a CAD! we loves him!

And yes, I"m ALWAYS amazed at how gentle Loki is with small dogs. Some small dogs are down right RUDE to him rather than playful and he's still quite gentle. he's MUCH better with small dogs than he is with big dogs.

Sugar looks like she likes the little Pipsqueek!