Saturday, February 14, 2009

All about the schedule

Crazy lady is headed to Boskone for her readings today, but she wanted to post some pictures of our play time this morning (our heads are blurry because we are fast moving wild ones!):She is keeping us on a schedule, so things have calmed down. The only challenges are the walks-- we want to play, instead of poop! The leash gets tangled, and crazy lady starts dropping her keys, phone and treats all over the sidewalk. So, we take our short morning and evening walks together, but she brings us on individual walks during the day. We have worked out a routine, and we have claimed our space in the house. Echo has stopped waiting by the door for her folks to return (although I can tell she still misses them).

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Wild Dingo said...

a little late but good to know for next time: leash tangles! oh yes i know this well. the trick: put BOTH leashes (if they have loops on end) in ONE hand (your right). and use your left hand as a fulcrom to gather them together or split them apart. don't worry if the leashes twist from your righ hand, it doesn't matter if they twist. You can always rotate your wrist and hand around within the loop to untwist them if it bothers you that the leashes are braided/twisted. what matters is using the fulcrum left hand to gather them in close if you need to at last minute. instead of using the silly "couplers" on the market for walking 2 dogs, your left hand acts as the "coupler" and you can move it up and down the set of leashes for however close or far apart you want them. you have more control than using a coupler. also, couplers are dangerous. even dogs that are the best of friends, if they scared or load up from excitement and any tension on their collars can lead to a doggie bite on the nearest dog (just out of raised excitement). It happens with my two if there's a loose dog chasing us. they get excited that i have to separte them on different hands because they get so excited they don't know who's next to them and will bite eachother. so that's why i don't like couplers. i can use my hand to couple them close together or separate them.