Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bed, Barbie and Purr Demon

After my 6 AM walk and feeding, crazy lady grabs her previous day's ramblings, lays in bed, and edits her work. She talks to herself, usually mumbling "trash" or "genius." I ignore the chatter and mock her inflated ego. The TV is on for background noise, and I take nap on the corner of the bed:As you know, I decide when it's time to take a break, and I interrupt her work. She bought me a bed a couple of weeks ago, but I refused to use it. That is, until Echo arrived. We would share the bed in the morning while crazy lady edited her previous day's ramblings. Since Echo has returned home, I still spend the mornings on the bed:Sigh... I miss that dog...oh well, crazy lady let me watch Barbie's runway show, because "everyone needs a Ken." No comment.

Since I obviously lacked the proper respect for Barbie's New York fashion show, she tormented me with a video from "the Order of Perpetual Indulgence in Edinburgh at work and at play, with the occasional cat or monorail (but not yet any monorail cats) for variety":

Damn Scots. Btw, evil demons are NOT cute.

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Wild Dingo said...

Damn. Sugar's deep sultry bedroom eyes are way more gorgeous than any of those Barbie vacuous goggles they call eyes. and sugar's hair is naturally shiney. don't need no stinken hair product or fake hair.