Thursday, February 5, 2009

Work? Hah! It's my birthday!

Work? Why bother?
I'm much more interesting than computers and books.
One year ago, you adopted me. Don't you remember? I was shy, scared and skinny. The early pictures of my time in Taiwan were not beauty shots:
Of course, I always had a fine sense of style, regardless of the circumstances:
Still, I was sad and scared:
I had a wire band around my neck, and I was frightened of anyone who approached me:
My first days in the U.S. were exhausting. Check out the first couple of days with my new foster mom:

You read my story, and you thought I would be a good addition to your life. You had recently lost Abby, your companion of 13 years.
You knew you could never replace that crazy mutt, but the advertisement said I was a "talker." You remembered the conversations you would have with Abby during bouts of writer's block and cravings for ice cream, and you thought I would fit into your life. The shyness never bothered you. You used to work with abused kids, and you were used to having little people shy away and hide from you. You figured I would respond like the children, and you could give me safe boundaries to come out of my shell. You were right, and wrong. It would take the kids weeks and months to trust you. It only took me 3 days. Hah! I had you fooled, huh? I wasn't really shy, just cautious.
I had heartworms, and hated the shots and months of recovery. I waited for the days I could run with the dogs and Bambi:
You have 10 seconds to get off your bee-hind and take me outside. So what if it's cold? It's my birthday, and my friends wait for no one! Time to play and attack the snow drifts. I'm all bundled in my new, pink birthday hoodie. Get moving, woman!
It's my first year in my home and country. We can't waste a second of fun!


fosterdogblog said...

Wow, has it been a year already?? Time flies. I am still amazed at how quickly Sugar bonded to you and became "your" dog. Thanks for not holding the heartworm against me!

Wild Dingo said...

I cried. I laughed. I cried some more. Wow. I can't believe how sad she looked. I love how the guy in the 2nd video is ignoring her while he hands her food. perfect. no facial expression. just hands the food. perfect. she's so pretty. and those EARS in the early photos! GAWD. i could salt them and eat them for lunch. Yummy! :) Happy Birthday Sugar. You deserve every single happy day of your life. Woofs and Hugs from Loki and Juno