Monday, March 16, 2009

Squishy face and ignorance

Ah, the perfect spot for a nice rest:Here's a close-up of my face:Lovely, huh? The couch has a permanent indentation from my muzzle.

So, crazy lady has received a lot of emails from folks "concerned " over the venom from the anonymous comment in the RescueInk post. This is a fairly mellow blog. It's a place to post pictures, thoughts and ramblings for friends and family. Comments are usually thoughtful, with the occasional drunken messages of "love you!" Crazy lady didn't find the anonymous comment especially hateful or venomous-- just angry about the loss of Bideawee's adoption center. This person also had a lack of understanding about the role of animal rescue organizations and funding. They felt the need to blame one group for the loss of another. People are entitled to their opinions, and it's not a crime to express anger. As you know, crazy lady believes that there is a place for animal rescue shelters in this world. She also knows that I would be a dead dog, if I was ever placed in a traditional shelter. Bideawee understood this philosophy through their Second Start program. Furry Pals Rescue was started with the need to rescue dogs from kill shelters, to give them a second chance. In my case, it took the work of a grassroots, loving organization of dedicated volunteers to find me a forever home (thanks Judy at Walkin the Bark!). You don't need an adoption center or shelter to run a rescue organization. Sometimes, all it takes is a network of volunteers who are willing to give up time & space to foster animals and find forever homes. There's a place in this world for adoption centers-- and, there's a place in this world for a collective group to organize and rescue creatures who are abandoned, neglected and/or abused. In the end, we all have the same goal: health, security and happiness for animals like me (yeah, and even those evil demon cats deserve a chance in life...sigh...)

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Wild Dingo said...'re so lucky to even get "p.o." comments! shows you have a good blog! I'm too chicken to even write anything slightly controversial...