Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dead Dog

In some parts of the United States, I would have been a dead dog. Many government funded rescue agencies would have deemed me "unadoptable" because I'm shy. Human hands scare me, and human sizes are threatening. If you want to be my friend, ignore me. Look away. Give me food and toys. Give me time to fall in love.

Many shelters are unwilling to give shy dogs time to work through their issues. Instead, these shelters conduct "humane euthanasia" for critters like me, other shy dogs. They need to make room for other rescued animals, especially the ones who are "easy adoptions." It drives crazy lady bonkers when she learns about these "kill policies," and the criteria some shelters will use to "throw away life." Crazy lady used to run a program for children living in a domestic violence shelter, and she often wonders: What if we disposed of the shy, unapproachable, wary children in the human shelter, much in the same way we disposed of shy dogs in animal shelters? Children in crisis need stability over time, and a chance to feel secure in their environment. Just like me.

A special friend in Denver sent crazy lady a note, highlighting a new group in Texas who is fighting the Houston SPCA's "kill policies." Here is what she learned about this group, Furry Pals Rescue:

"Furry Pals Rescue, Inc. is organized exclusively for the charitable purpose of preventing cruelty to animals by rescuing homeless companion animals from animal shelters and any other place they may be found. The organization will provide or cause to be provided food, shelter, and appropriate medical care for each animal. Furry Pals Rescue, Inc. will work to reduce the number of homeless animals by providing for spaying and neutering of all adoptable animals that come into its care which will help reduce the problem of overpopulation. The organization will work to place each animal in an appropriate, qualified, permanent home. Each adoptive owner will be educated by Furry Pals Rescue, Inc., as to the medical and other needs
at the time of adoption of each animal to reduce the chance of an animal being homeless again."
You can learn more by visiting their website, www.furrypals.blogspot.com. Their non profit status is pending with the IRS, but they are registered as an official non profit in Texas. They are currently looking for donations, to help manage over 30 rescues a month.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Chantale and my husband and I founded Furry Pals Rescue, Inc. I just read your blog and it warmed my heart!

Victor and I have actually been rescuing dogs for many years, however, have just formed an "official" organization. We are a non-profit org., only charging $150 for our furry friends and we adore each and everyone of them. All dogs are steralized, vaccinated, microchipped and heartworm tested. If positive on their heartworm test, we treat them all. We also take in the ones that require leg amputation, other surgeries etc.

Again, your posting is very kind and my furry friends and I are truly grateful for generous folks like you!

Victor & Chantale