Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cambridge dogs

I love dog parks. In California, I often romp at this dog park with Isis, Boomer, Phoebe, Popeye, my man Otis, and other mutts. Owners are very responsible, and they understand the difference between "play" and "aggression." In Cambridge? Not so much. Crazy lady calls it the "land of irresponsible dog owners." Many (not all, but most...) Cambridge dog owners believe that magic fairies pick-up poop, doggy waste melts in the snow, and a good body slam constitutes aggressive dog behavior. They also decline to leash their dogs in "leash only" areas, even when the dog is out-of-control and children are playing. I was bitten last year by a spastic Weimaraner at North Point Park, and the owner refused to control his dog. He actually argued with crazy lady over leashing his aggressive animal, and he refused to pick up the dog poop. The Cambridge Animal Control department took the report, but never followed-up. Instead, crazy lady had to listen to a lecture on how Cambridge needed more off leash dog areas on the east side (true) and education programs (also true). If the same thing had happened in California? First, the owner probably would have apologized and leashed his dog. If animal control was involved, they would have fined the dog owner, and given both of us a health and safety notice since I was bitten.Well, Spring has arrived, and summer is almost here. And the irresponsible Cambridge dog owners? They are popping up, everywhere. We saw the aggressive Weimaraner last week, still running loose at the park and terrorizing small children. Since animal control and the park rangers don't enforce the rules in Cambridge, crazy lady has changed my play schedule. She is taking me to designated dog parks with responsible dog owners, and scheduling play dates with trusted friends. She spends a lot of time educating folks about "herding" behavior, and how my play is "normal" for a dog. She misses the educated and responsible dog owners in California, but I don't mind the Cambridge dog parks and play dates. I love the car rides and spending time with my friends.


Wild Dingo said...

When you're back in CA, Loki would LUV to be body-slammed by you Sugar! we need a play date!

i brought him to the park last week, and left him on his leash. He still is naughty at the gate, but generally good everywhere else.

let us know. juno wants to meet sugar too!

Wild Dingo said...

ps. we almost got chased by an off-leash bad-arse doggie in downtown LG last night! so CA not perfect. AND in the mountains...lots of off leash dawggies, who are not so nice. the worst part is owners who walk dogs off leash but don't have a good recall and the dawggie comes up to us full on, while my dawggies are on leash. Loki is generally good at ignoring because i tell him. Juno, is sweet, BUT she can be a little pushy on leash and it can turn ugly, which is why I HATES it when uncontrolled (won't recall) dawggies are off leash.

Sugar said...

We definitely need to get together for a play date, when we return to California in August!

Isis said...

I miss your beautiful fur Sugar. Come home (California) and come to the dog park with me.