Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday-- April 15th-- was tax day. Many, many dollars were sent to the "big boys" to support our social, political, economic, legal and military systems managed by power hungry white men and human resource managers.Crazy lady has stopped mailing letters to the IRS, telling them where to send her thousands of dollars. She's getting old. She wants to avoid having them freeze her bank accounts-- again-- because they didn't appreciate her letters. Go figure.Plus, April 15th was crazy lady's birthday. How did she celebrate? Did she spend the day with me? With friends? With apple-tinis and lychee martinis? Nope. She spent the day at the Boston Public Library with the Princess and her mom:She later spent the day giving a lecture on the trials & tribulations of POD business models in our current climate. Yes, spending time with her family, libraries, and teaching are some of her favorite things. Silly woman. At least, the architecture is amazing at the library: Happy birthday, crazy lady!


Wild Dingo said...

AWEEEE! Happy Birthday. Big sloppy kisses from the husky (cuz she LUVS to kess) and the FMD (cuz he likes it too, but with a little nibble here and there!

ya, we're on the IRS most wanted as well... actually, the Post Office is our official arch nemesis...more than the IRS.

happy bday! you rock!

fosterdogblog said...

Happy birthday, crazy lady! Boomer wants you to come back here so he can give you the gift of his presence (get it? presents? haha). He says there is almost no better gift for a human than to have him stuck to the side of your leg like glue, and there are very few people in the world to whom he bestows such honor more than he does with you.

Phoebe's got a couple dozen slobbery kisses all wrapped up for you too. Popeye says, "Grroarr, crazy lady."