Friday, April 10, 2009

A dingo ate my ancestors

This is not me:And this? Definitely not me. What about this? Not me. One of crazy lady's geekazoid friends was curious about my heritage, especially since the U.S. and Japanese labs kept saying I was "100% unable to classify as dog." So, she had my blood tested at the Tokyo and Taipei universities. It turns out that I am 78% Southeast Asian dingo (related to the Australian and Thai dingos, but smaller). They still can't identify 22% of my genetic make-up, but the results definitely say Southeast Asian dingo. It makes sense. Some researchers suspect that the Formosan breed is derived from the Southeast Asian dingo. Others disagree, and insist the Formosan dog is more related to Japanese breeds. For now, however, crazy lady has decided to call me a "Formosan dingo."

This is me, the fun-loving Formosan dingo, playing with my friends at the park:Great booty shot, huh? And here I am, giving "dingo face" (aka "attitude") to the camera:

1 comment:

Wild Dingo said...

Oh now, you're just playing with me! You cannot be the ONLY formosan dingo on the block. gosh darn it, i think i gotta do some tests on the Loki-machine and see what comes up...

ya, formosan is tawain's version of the "dingo" as i had thought too!