Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pure Joy and Happiness (Bye Echo!)

My best friend Echo is leaving for the wilds of Maine with her family. Her family spends the summer overseeing Camp Vega, an amazing adventure for girls. Echo gets to spend her time laying in the sun, swimming in the lake, playing with the kids, and tussling with her brother. Me? I'll be sun bathing, wrestling at the dog park, and playing with kids in Cambridge. Crazy lady is hoping that we can visit Echo and her family during the summer, but it depends on schedules. Sigh...crazy lady and her schedules... We had our last play date this morning. Do you see my butt in the air? I had just spotted Echo in the park:Crazy lady describes my reaction to Echo and her family as "pure joy and happiness." I jump up and down, whine, and run to greet them:Here we are, wrestling:And for folks who don't believe that I enjoy the company of humans? Here I am, saying "hello" to Echo's dad:Bye Echo! Have a wonderful time in Maine. We will miss you and your family-- but I can't wait to see you in December!

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Wild Dingo said...

Awwweee... so sad to see a friend go. we hadn't seen the pack of 4 huskies that loki had come to love in a while and a few weeks ago, we were planning to meet them at the dog park...well, we ran into them on their pre-park walk and loki spotted them from the distance and went nutso! so they remember. they got all growlly and stuff with eachother and Loki just went crazy for husky pack owner Jim... he loves people who love him. but oddly enough, their old play habits at the park had changed and Loki was playing more with other dogs... hmmm... but Echo will always be Sugar's Body Slamin Pal ... i can tell!