Sunday, May 31, 2009

Killer Bunnies

One of crazy lady's earliest writings involved a clan of killer bunnies and cannibals. (Yes, I already know that she has "issues.") She recently read a very sad post about someone's beloved dog who "walked the bridge," and she will not stop with the Monty Python references. First, we had to watch the "bridge of death" scene:

Then, we killed time with this precious scene from the Holy Grail:

She's reading her killer bunny series out loud and laughing at her own jokes. I am staying in bed, until this torture ends.

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Wild Dingo said...

Sugar, I'm w/you. I never was a Monty Python fan. However, watching these vids sort of made me appreciate it more! Maybe one has to be of a certain age to appreciate the humor?

also, we saw Star Trek a few weeks ago. Not bad! But i'm still a die hard BattleStar Gallactica fan (the sci fi redigitized/remastered version not the original!)