Monday, June 15, 2009

Fire! BBQ!

During the week of insane travel, crazy lady went to her brother's for a family BBQ. She managed to seriously burn the ribs:She loves to barbecue-- and, I know she's an awesome cook-- but wow. What a hot mess (haha). When she opened the grill and discovered that they were ON FIRE, Max told her, "don't open the grill. You add oxygen, which feeds the fire. Can I hold the tongs?" She moved the flaming ribs to a plate and handed her eight-year-old nephew the tongs. She figured he might have better luck with the food. The surprising thing? They actually ate the ribs!Humans. They'll eat anything...
Well, we are off to Connecticut and the "Cape" this week. You probably won't hear from us for another week or so. This time, crazy lady hopes to take plenty of pictures of my adventures at the beach. Bye!

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Wild Dingo said...

I'd eat those ribs too! delicious! we made croutons out of stale bread for our salad and burned them in the broiler...we put them on the salad anyway! Loki and Juno didn't mind them...have fun in Cape town and CT!