Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"No bones, anymore"

Interesting OpEd piece in NY TIMES here.

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Wild Dingo said...

dude. i'm so on board. I've never seen so many thryoid disorders "pop up" in genx before. it used to be hypothryoid was a genetic thing, inherited. now, it's clear that it's coming from bad nutrition. so much to do w/iodine and "REMOVAL" of it in our foods and replacement with bromine which is cheaper (its in our grains and diet sodas) which is close in molecular weight to idoine and fills iodine receptors. the thyroid is totally dependent on iodine. its amazing how bad our food chain is, and how hard it is to change even if you "know" what the right thing to do is...because it's hard to find the right products or if you can, it's hard to be able to afford them.