Sunday, June 7, 2009

Food, Inc

To commemorate our first week of the CSA box:

Read Fast Food Nation. Wonderful insightful, frightening book. It's one of crazy lady's "top 5 books of all time" and changed her approach to food. Michael Pollan and Alice Waters are great; but crazy lady sometimes worry that they lose sight of poverty, culture and economics in their quest to change how we think of food. In other words, they can be a bit arrogant and condescending. Eric Schlosser , the author of Fast Food Nation, has the same message as Pollan and Waters-- but no pompous attitude. Read his book.

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Wild Dingo said...

Dude, I LOVE Pollan! but you're right...i think his solutions are much to big a change for a nation that has adapted to the current standards. baby steps may be the best way to get where we want to go. ideally i wish we could have the food-producing utopia i've seen pollan discribe, but i can't see our laws or consumers going for it. it's expensive to eat organic... a luxury unfortunately. the economy right now is falling apart. Cars, banks and silicon are all industries that are failing. But guess what industry is doing JUUUSST fine? Fast food. sigh. double sigh. because it's cheap and in this economy, you do what you can to put ANY food on the table. sickening... i personally NEVER eat at fast food places, unless i was on the road traveling by car for hours long distance. even then, i buy whole foods and keep them in my car...still... occassionally you stop at the local in-n-out... when you're on the road 6 hours or more...