Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rain, frogs and snuggle

Crazy lady was feeling a little under the weather (pun intended!) today. She canceled her Maine readings and watched me collect frogs and snuggle in the windowsill. Lovely, huh? I admit-- I have an amazing frog collection! Crazy lady will try and put them in my toy box; but I always find & reclaim them, for my windowsill. Overall, today was an uneventful and mellow day in Cambridge. Just me & the frogs & a sleepy crazy lady...

1 comment:

Wild Dingo said...

OMG, rain is the ONLY thing I miss from the East Coast. It MAKES you slow down. we all need to slow down. even FMD's need to slow down. with their frogs of course.

hope you feel over the weather soon. otherwise i'll have to send my two over there to "really" cheer you up. Readings? Juno will have NONE of that. Your books will become chew toys and dental floss.