Monday, July 13, 2009

Still out of office, still insane

12 readings, 5 cities, 1 convention (Readercon!), 7 days, a dog (me!) by her side...and, more insanity continues this week. You can read an interview with crazy lady here. Using her real name was a bit unusual; but crazy lady doubts the "dumbass stalker who believes rabid, cannibal bunnies live next door" will ever make the connection between her horror novels and a feminist writer's organization. Fiction, people, fiction. Not real life.


Isis said...

Dumb Ass Stalkers! :)

Wild Dingo said...

i really liked that interview thingie... i'm so lame about writing... i kept your advice and want to do it. i'm sticking w/my wild dingo brand. decided NOT to do wellness writing because there is so much out there and its just not as fun as humor or dog rescuing/training. in mean time, i have web clients to make happy... :)