Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Rough Start

Okay, okay, I'm ANOTHER sister and (after many scoldings from MOM) I am finally getting around to posting. I had better write fast, because at some point Crazy Lady might change her mind about giving me access to her blog and revoke my privileges. Hehe.

CL has been a good sport and even let me pet her buzzed head. Soft. I had to be careful not to touch the scabs where they drilled her. I must say, CL is in better shape this weekend as compared to when I saw her right after surgery. She won't tell you, but I will. Holy crap. Originally she woke and couldn't move her left side. When I saw her, she really wasn't moving anything at all except a few fingers on her right hand. And her eyes. They would just follow me around the room as we talked. I kept thinking, "Damn, you are fucked up. Not good."

I'm still a little freaked out. Mind you, first my mom swoops in on some other lady thinking it is Crazy Lady. Then, when she finally finds the right room, she flings the door open without knocking and there is poor CL, unable to turn her head or respond except by calling out at the top of her voice, "I'm trying to go to the bathroom, can you come back in twenty minutes." Seriously, my mom set her watch and paced the halls and was ready to fling the door open again twenty minutes to the second later, but I was able to full-body block her. CL can thank me later.

CL and I have discussed my observations and I do have her blessing to post this material. In fact, we've been laughing our asses off over much of this. So no, don't go naming me CB for Crazy Bitch, even though Crazy Lady may have called me that more than a few times this weekend. She is steadily improving and is great fun to hang out with.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Thanks for yet another update about The Original Patented Copyright Registered Trademark Crazy Lady!

And if you want us to call you Crazy Bitch, we can do that!

Wild Dingo said...

ditto... i mean, now that you mentioned it... crazy runs in the family. and CL is prolly more lady-like than you... ;)

this post is so funny. love the mom and the wrong child image... now we know why crazy lady is, um, CRAZY!

L B said...

A little twisted, but very funny. I like it! I will have to start reading your blog more regularly. . .

Linda of Bo