Saturday, January 1, 2011


Before the show (gratuitous prison shot)
Waiting for Prisoner's release...
("If you say one word about my fat arse, Wild Dingo...")
Water break

Patiently waiting...
("And you wonder why CL makes you wear a diaper?")
Ready squirt?
("Squirt? Die, alpha bitch!")
Preemptive stop by CL
("What? You afraid of a little pain?  You know that squeak was Pip-induced-drama, right? Coward...!")
 Shameless man-whore shot
("You call yourself a dawg, stud? Suck-up...")


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Fur a khanine about as large as some of my toys, he's pretty darned khute!

I'm glad woo show him that



Wild Dingo said...

What makes you think I was gonna say ONE thing about all that junk in your trunk? geesh... Give me a little credit for some tact.

Nice moves Sugar. I mean, for a doggie who can fit in your mouth, do you think you can take him? For a while there it looked touch and go. But then again, it could be that winter weight in your formosan bootay slowin' you down.

oh oops. there i go again. my bad! ;) boo-wa-ha-ha-ha!

Happy New Year Gorgeous Ladies and Pip!

Mango said...

I would NEVER say anything about your jolly bottom.

But seriously, don't let that little dude push you around. He is rough trade and needs to be taught some manners.


Pibble said...

I think these pics are posted out of order. Let's face it - the second shot on the "wrestling mat" is really the last picture taken. Sugar got that final smackdown in there and swallowed the evidence.

What a cutie though, hmmm??