Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mouth guard

(CL received some requests for close-ups of Pip and I "mouthing" each other during play...enjoy!  Interestingly, it is not this behavior that causes a CL intervention.  The most prevalent behavior that forces CL to exert control and separate us?  When I use my paw to slam Pip to the ground-- force him onto his back-- and demand he stays on his back by putting my mouth over his belly, while he squeals and squirms...CL is never amused by this behavior, even though I insist that Pip needs to be told "enough!" when he gets too excited during playtime...)


Wild Dingo said...

I love how pip continues to keep his mouth open as if to match sugar's or as if he can out-bitey her! hilarious...

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We all need our own Pip in life!


Mango said...

Some doggies need a smack down. When PeeWee was little I used to flip him and either put my jaws of doom or his throat or slam my head into his labrabelly. He quickly learned the freeze in place response. Just what I was looking for.