Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pip's cheap date

(Note:  Audio may be hit-or-miss since CL has disputed YouTube's right to suppress music used in this video.  Seriously, the-powers-that-be want to argue copyright infringement with a NY Times bestselling author who has her (albeit beautifully written) crap stolen, in the past?  Just...cheezes, people...find a life!  No money is lost to the artist in this video.)


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Pip sure pikhked the right front yard to be dumped in -

Thanks to Popeye and Sugar fur showing him the good life!

He really is khwite the khutie!


Wild Dingo said...

Pip... such a cheap date! Sugar's looking good btw... my two on the other hand are on diets! Loki too! can you believe it? damn Swiss don't have anywhere to take dogs off leash for a good run... we miss that. i found a small safe place the other day but it's not always empty.

are you going to keep Pip or are you still fostering him? he's a little devil isn't he?