Monday, April 11, 2011

The Miracle of Foster Care

Remember this picture of Max, taken while he was on the "kill list" in an overcrowded Bakersfield shelter just over 2 weeks ago?
And, what about this photo, taken during his rescue mission and final transport to our home?
Well, check out the picture my foster mum posted on Popeye's Facebook page:
And, just look at this video taken of Lord Maxwell while he plays with MY FRIENDS over the weekend:

CL is-- for once-- speechless.  Max' transformation to a healthy, happy, adoptable dog waiting for his forever home?  Simply amazing.  CL knew that she could never foster a big (or even medium sized) dog because of her physical challenges-- but, wow, she is happy that we decided to try and foster the little ones.  First, we had Pip.  Now, we have Maxwell. CL feels blessed that people like Judy (with Walkin' the Bark Rescue) were willing to take a chance on us and work around CL's limitations.  I suspect there are many more rescues, in our future.
Meanwhile,  Lord Maxwell has returned to his temporary castle, and I am enjoying my dominance exercises.
Happy Monday!


Wild Dingo said...

Will CL rescue and foster me? I need some changes. I don't think I fall under the size requirements but I understand the full English language so that should be in my favor, no? I'll take Loki with me if she needs convincing...

Max rocks. he's so cute. I love that he's so transformed. perfect. i think fostering little doggies is a GREAT idea.

Sugar is really good at giving lessons in ass-kicking too...

fosterdogblog said...

I distinctly remember a time many years ago when CL specifically said she did not want to ever foster a dog. Glad she changed her mind and hope she inspires others to do the same. Max is ALIVE today because of her selflessness.

Sugar said...

Yep, I remember! I thought I would become too attached-- I thought I would want to keep every single dog- I thought the emotional strain would be too much. You know what? I was wrong. The emotions and attachments are there; but saying "goodbye" when they find their forever home is the best reward I could have, as a foster caregiver. Plus, I feel as though I am giving a little bit back to a community that rescued my once-shy, now-whorish Sugar Sweet. Thanks to Judy, Sugar is alive-- she has saved my life more than once-- and she adds incredible joy to living. Every. Single. Day.

Selflessness? Nah, I'm 100% selfishly motivated. Just ask Sugar...;-)