Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cosmic Cuddles

Ah yes…don’t you love my favorite spot for early morning naps? Warm and comfy, until crazy lady wakes me up from my lovely dream.
Crazy lady is in a weird mood. She met a writer friend for coffee this morning, and ran into the very first man who broke her heart. He wasn’t her first love—that happened in college—but it was her first serious crush in high school. The man had claimed she was ugly & useless, as he trampled her feelings and started dating her best friend. He was bald when she saw him this morning, and crazy lady didn’t remember what he looked like 30 years ago-- but he immediately recognized her and invited himself to her friend’s house for coffee. To “catch up on old times” and ask “how come you’re living in Boston?” Yep. In crazy lady’s world, her first heartbreaker lives next door to her writer friend.

Crazy lady is also in a weird mood because her writer friend sent her this email:

“Help! I just received my first review, and it was bad! I know you are used to people hating your work, but this is new ground for me. He actually gave me 1 star on Amazon! I’m in the U.K., traveling back tomorrow. Let’s meet Tuesday for coffee, and you can give me tips on dealing with haters.”

So… she meets a writer friend, to help with the “haters,” because (apparently) crazy lady is an expert on bad reviews. Then, she runs into the man who spent considerable time & effort mocking her in high school. Crazy lady has decided that we live in a very cosmic, very bizarre world. And people still ask her: How do you find material for your stories?
I told her, “Cheer up, chick-a-dee! They’re not worth your energy. Give me cuddles, instead!”

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