Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Crazy lady has spent some time at Haar-vaard the past couple of days, meeting with her advisor and planning her classes. Yes, she is returning to school. She thought it would be a good idea to take business and publishing classes (and maybe collect another degree) since she has started her own small press. Crazy lady can't live off of royalties, indefinitely. According to crazy lady, we become slaves to the dollar. I think she is just bitter about her experiences in Corporate America. She often wonders: How can a major U.S. Bank lay off over 10% of their work force, eliminate entire departments, outsource to India, and then refuse to give common folks a raise-- but yet give senior executives a 12% bonus? She just saw the Bank CEO proclaim on MSNBC that, "everything is fine." What the hell? Crazy lady smells a stinky, rancid fish. Crazy lady feels lucky that she has escaped this unprofessional and unethical corporation.
Anyhow, this article was required reading, and crazy lady wanted to share it with my fans (yes, I have fans...) Interesting, huh? She read it to me, but insisted on providing political commentary. I almost feel sorry for the "stiff suits" in the business classes-- especially the executives from "lying, thieving corporations who ream the working class to build their egos." What was Haar-vaard thinking, letting her on campus?!?

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