Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Popeye Love

Remember Bandit, the dog who needed leg surgery? See him in the picture? He's doing great! And, my foster mamma Judy's BIG heart has given her another gift: Popeye. He's in the picture, too-- he's the one with the makeshift wheelchair, on your right. Popeye was abandoned on the side of the road and hit by a car in Taiwan. Judy is taking care of him, and he will probably need surgery in a couple of months. He definitely needs a new wheelchair-- the one he is using is too small, and it hurts. You can read more about Popeye here.
Information on making a tax deductible donation is on the right side of Popeye's blog page. You can also donate through Paypal, if his story touches your heart. Any donation-- big or small-- will help Judy with the many, many bills for Popeye and Bandit.
Crazy lady is a relic, a throwback, a "peace loving hippy" guaranteed to throw Cartman into rage. Even though she is a woman who writes horror, crazy lady still firmly believes in the "positive power of human kindness and networks" So, even if you can't donate, please "pass the word" in case someone else can help. Thanks!

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