Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are you fireproof?

Crazy lady can not stop laughing-- but I think it's hysterical laughter. Only in the U.S. would this film be # 4 in the country (and that's not a compliment). Here's a bit about the movie, from Daniel Radosh's excellent article found here:

"Caleb expects his wife, Catherine, to make his meals and do his laundry, and never shows any gratitude when she does. Catherine wants affection and appreciation, but communicates solely through sarcasm and nagging. Also, Caleb selfishly extinguishes Catherine’s cherished scented candles—although I’m pretty sure that excessive use of scented candles is itself grounds for divorce in 12 states.

But the overriding problem is Caleb’s Internet porn habit. “That’s the kind of man you’ve become,” Catherine shouts at him. “There is nothing honorable about it.” Caleb can save lives every day, but he will never be a decent human being as long as he follows the Way of the Masturbator."

Remember to read the comments, following the article. Priceless. I think crazy lady has enough material for at least a dozen more books...

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