Friday, October 10, 2008

United Airlines Evildom, Part 3

Here is United's second response to losing me at the airport, and crazy lady's campaign to improve airline travel for our pets:

"Your comments make it clear how much you care about your dog and I am truly sorry we weren’t as responsive to your needs and concerns regarding your dog as we should have been on this occasion. I can only imagine how upsetting this must have been for you. It was never my intention to negate the gravity of your concerns, my goal was to assure you that your feedback would be taken seriously and given the attention deserved. While we can’t change the circumstances you have shared with us, we can take action to ensure we are more responsive to those guests traveling with their pets. The detail you have provided as well as our internal investigation into your concerns has allowed us to see where we need to improve. We will use what we have learned to avoid a similar situation as well as to ensure we are more responsive to the needs and concerns of our guests and their pets in the future."

Crazy lady has learned from SFO management and the USDA that United has taken steps to improve their pet care policy during travel. They are proposing a better tracking method, to ensure animals are not lost during transit. SFO management has also told crazy lady that the United employees responsible for losing me at the airport have been "formally reprimanded." Crazy lady has promised to keep an eye on the policy changes, to make sure bureaucracy and politics don't prevent "positive change."

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