Monday, October 6, 2008

Ouch. I have a boo boo.

Last night, before bed, I was innocently taking a pee. I had found the perfect spot and was settling in for some bladder relief when a raccoon fell out of my tree and on to my head. I forgot my bladder and tried to kill the raccoon. Neither of us won because crazy lady stopped the fight. Wow, even raccoons are scared of crazy lady when she's angry! She saw that I was limping and carried me home. I have a boo boo on my leg:
I'm healing nicely, but crazy lady won't let me go to the park today. Don't worry. I have found my revenge. I won't let crazy lady work today. She was trying to decide on artwork for another book:
Instead, I stepped all over the pictures and licked the camera:
Ah, revenge is wonderful.

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