Friday, October 10, 2008

"I have gone mildly insane again"

Remember Michelle, crazy lady's friend who writes the Thursday Night Smackdown blog? The really awesome human being who was having "medication issues?" Well, to quote her most recent entry, she has "gone mildly insane again." Paxil is the devil for some manic depressives, and a 17+ day period is not helping matters. So, a bunch of folks are stepping in and "guest blogging" for Michelle, until her hormones/meds/body/life reach some sort of balance. Claudia, the author of cookeatFRET, is first on board tonight. Yeah, Claudia!

Please take a moment to check out their blogs and lend your support to these wonderful human beings. Crazy lady often worries about her friends, but loves how everyone gets together to support each other during times of crapola.

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