Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Better than chicken

In crazy lady's never ending quest to introduce me to cats, she tried to give me some background on her history with those evil ones. She discovered some old pictures of a delicious looking grey tabby she calls "Aschkey" (born on crazy lady's birthday and named after her favorite dance hall in Berkeley):
She also showed me pictures of Agent Orange, the "studly" (her words, not mine) tempting morsel she kidnapped from an abusive neighbor:
She claims they are not fat, just furry. Hah! I can tell that the orange demon has muscle:
But the grey tidbit is definitely fat. The wicked mistress might have short, stubby legs and a teeny, tiny head-- but check out the plump body.
Oooooo...watta body...better than chicken...crazy lady told me to "behave," and showed me a very old, very grainy picture of the family Maltese, Nicholas:
A little furry and small, but perhaps he would have made a good playmate.


Robyn said...

Nicholas looks so old and frail there...

Isis said...

maybe if you showed her a kitten - a tiny little kitty.

Isis said...

Fat Furry Feline