Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lazy Sunday Morning

Another snow storm whipped into the Boston area last night, and crazy lady doesn't want to leave the warm comfort of her bed. So, she brought her computer, books and homework to bed this morning. She even let me lounge with her, for a short while.
It's a rare treat to jump on her bed and watch crazy lady try and read legal texts on corporate ethics. The silly professor assigned homework BEFORE school even started! Who cares if he is some bigwig law professor who used to advise the Supreme Court? Crazy lady is suddenly realizing that Haar-vaard is going to be a lot of work. Duh. Maybe I should rename her "crazy dum-dum?"
At least she is enjoying the reading. Crazy lady firmly believes that people need to constantly learn and challenge themselves, as they get older. It's the only way to keep those little gray brain cells active.
In between her reading & writing, crazy lady has been spending some time perusing various web sites. Remember Popeye, the paralyzed dog?
Well, he has a new wheel chair! You can watch him practice his new wheels here. He's a smart dude, just like all of us Formosan dogs from Taiwan. Crazy lady really hopes that foster mama Judy is feeling better. Judy is rarely sick or injured, and back injuries truly stink.

Finally, aren't these puppies adorable?
Judy introduced crazy lady to JW, a med school student who adopted a heartworm positive dog named Tinkerbell. Like myself, Tinkerbell had to take shots and remain quiet for over a month, while she healed from those malicious, heart-loving worms. JW has started a new blog, GND Dogs. Please take a moment and learn more about her mission to, "help former street puppies (Novaya and Chocolate) find loving homes" in Grenada.

Stay safe and warm this snowy Sunday!


Wild Dingo said...

Barbie says "Haaarrr-varrrrd, is like, haaarrrd!"

Anonymous said...

just like math? LOL

Isis said...

my mommy's brain cells are lazy