Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sugar the Protector

As you know, my favorite Cambridge spot is the window ledge. We live near the top of a high rise unit, overlooking the Boston highways, parks, Bunker Hill, harbors and Charles River. I can sit and ponder the meaning of life. I never bark, but occasionally growl at the feral cats living across the street. There's not much of a view, right below our building:
Last night, I barked. My hair stood up, I growled, and showed my fierce teeth. Crazy lady was so startled that it took her some time to crawl out of bed and look outside the window. What was I looking at, to cause a fierce reaction? There were 2 men trying to break into the buildings across the street. When they couldn't get into the buildings, they started to vandalize the trucks and cars. Crazy lady called the police. They came and caught one man, but another got away. When the police asked crazy lady, "how did you notice the men?" she replied, "my dog alerted me to danger, high up in our apartment."


Crazy lady was very proud of me. She gave me extra chicken. She also took me for a long walk in the snow this morning. I was moving so fast that the pictures were a total blur:
I finally stopped attacking the snow drifts, and crazy lady was able to get one good beauty shot:
Happy New Year!

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Wild Dingo said...

SAAAAHHHHAAAAWEEEEET Sugar! Awesome. Always reward that kind of behavior. I thought you lived in CA somewhere...yuck snow (says a Connecticut-raised girl living i CA.)