Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hour One, Day One

"Shy? You really think I'm shy?""I don't care, dufuss. These are MINE. You may have sucked up to crazy lady with your love of cheese and playful puppy behavior within five minutes-- but these are MINE.""Hahaha...that's what you think. Look at my German Shepard and Golden Retriever loveliness. I may look like a fool, but I am a smart fool.""See? This FROG is MINE, bitch.""MY FROG, she-dog. Oh, and the name is WILLIAM, not dufuss.""MY FROG! You messed with the wrong dog, DUFUSS!""SIT." (oh crap, crazy lady looks irritated.)


Wild Dingo said...

OH are such a BEEEOOTCH to William. William, YOU MUST come up with a nick name for Sugar. like Sugar the Bittersweet! hahahahahah! or Sugar, the Square Cube! show her you are smarter and came come up with craftier names than "dufus"!!! boooowhahahahah!

(loki will "yes mame" you sugar, don't you worry...)

fosterdogblog said...

I want to squush his face. He has the goofiest ears.

Maybe it's just the angle of the photos but it looks like when he's standing or sitting, his front paws are flatter than most dogs'. I had a few Taiwan fosters that came to me like that. It denotes a very very long time in confinement, where the dog was not able to move around and bend those "wrists" very much. Nothing to worry about once they are out and about. Over time, the wrists will regain their normal flexibility.

Sugar said...

I think you're right-- his paws are HUGE, but flat. Maybe that's why he has a funny walk? I thought it might be the GSD in him, but who knows? I'll make sure to take some movies, later this week. His play bow is hysterical-- he drags the front of his body across the ground, his mouth goes crazy, and his tongue hangs out. Sugar was like "what the hell?" I couldn't stop laughing.

Wild Dingo said...

YOU'VE got to get sugar's WTF? face... cuz hello? it's not like too long ago she was a fracked up little thang from Taiwan... like she's all normal dog and what not now... ha!

can't wait to have my fmd day at pt. isabel. should be a nasty drive for me. Loki AND juno in my mini is disastorous...they go nuts. but what the hell...once in a lifetime to meet the FMDs... i will put the front seat folded and make him sit in back so he is safer. unless i can sucker scott into coming... prolly not tho.

Isis said...

I soooooo can't wait to meet him.