Friday, August 28, 2009

Waiting for mom

Last night, the dog house was "bizarro world." Crazy lady doesn't like drama, especially pack politics. She understands that everyone was missing their mom and feeling anxious. Boomer waited by the front door, Phoebe hung out near the back door, and Popeye...Well, Popeye was, to quote crazy lady, "a little sh*t." He picked a fight with every dog in the household, and forced Boomer to leave his spot under the table. He tried to eat FIRST (bad dog!) and snapped at crazy lady when she told him "go to bed." If Boomer, Phoebe or myself tried to get close to crazy lady, Popeye blocked us. He even growled at me! Absolutely unacceptable behavior. Crazy lady thought that Popeye wasn't feeling well and she was ready to rush him to the emergency vet. (Yeah, I know, she overreacts...) Isis' mom walked crazy lady "off the ledge," and they concluded that maybe Popeye was feeling insecure because his own mom was gone and he was on a different schedule. We tried to keep his mom's schedule, but crazy lady and I wake-up in the wee hours of the morning. Isis' mom thinks our early hours totally messed with Popeye's mind. So, crazy lady corrected his bad behavior, but otherwise decided to ignore Popeye. It was hard to do-- he kept leaning against her legs, stealing Boomer's bed, and hiding under her dress! Finally, Boomer reclaimed his bed and the spot under the table, and everything has returned to a peaceful and quiet existence.I understand their confusion and anxiety. I miss crazy lady, when she is gone. Thank goodness the world has returned to "normal" this morning, and I can gaze outside the front window without interruptions and fights.

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