Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Popeye!

One year ago, Popeye entered our lives and the amazing care of my foster mamma, Judy. Crazy lady likes to call him the Little Dude because he reminds her of a sneaky cowboy hangin' out at a whorehouse. She has no idea what prompts this image of Popeye in her mind-- but do you see why I call her crazy lady?There's a great article about Popeye and Judy in the newspaper here. You can also read more about Popeye on his web site and blog. Here's a picture of Popeye with some visitors from Taiwan last year:He has since had surgery to remove his paralyzed legs, and he is a demon in his wheelchair! You should definitely check out his videos. He is simply AMAZING.

Oh well, we leave for California in the wee hours of Sunday morning. See you on the West Coast!


fosterdogblog said...

Can't wait to see you & Crazy Lady. Boomer really misses Crazy Lady.

Wild Dingo said...

Ya, and Loki needs to meet some of his kin from the homeland...popeye included. btw: sugar and popeye have very similar faces!

fosterdogblog said...

Sugar & Popeye MUST be the same breed because not only do they look the same (same face and same body build--just different coloring), they have the same personality and temperament.